david steffen

DNA comes through again: The murderer swore he never raped her, and he didn't!
David Steffen is on death row for the aggravated murder of an Ohio woman in 1982, with the aggravated part being that semen was found on the probably-a-virgin victim. He admitted the killing, but vehemently denied the sex, and, of course nobody believed him. Then Kenneth Douglas was arrested this past March for drug trafficking, and a routine DNA test on him matched the murder victim's semen, and, yes, yes, Douglas used to work for the county coroner! And, yes, Douglas was, er, that kind of guy! (Well, according to police, he was.) (Steffen might still be screwed, though, because at trial, in an attempt to create an aura of candor, he admitted that he wanted to have sex with the victim but held back, and capital murder includes "attempted" rape, too, so he's still on death row for now.) (Bonus: The victim's parents were ecstatic at the news . . because it means, ahem, their little girl was a virgin all her life.) Cincinnati Enquirer
     Posted By: Chuck - Tue Jul 29, 2008

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