Deathbed Wedding

     Posted By: Paul - Sat Apr 01, 2023
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Maybe not so weird. I know a hospital chaplain in St. Paul, Minnesota who has conducted several weddings in the hospital, prior to someone dying. The main thing is getting the marriage license.
Posted by Patrick on 04/01/23 at 08:36 AM
Might not have been perfectly legal. In some states, you have to attest that you are sound of mind and body when getting the license. In most states, the law requires the marriage be consummated before it's legal. I know of the latter because a relative was married by proxy while serving overseas (WWII). It was a simple matter of having the ceremony 'set aside' when he returned after eight months away to find his wife six months pregnant.
Posted by Phideaux on 04/01/23 at 02:49 PM
Along the lines of Phideaux's tale, we have this song:
Posted by ges on 04/01/23 at 11:51 PM
In Minnesota it is legal. I do not know about other locations.
Posted by Patrick on 04/03/23 at 08:26 AM

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