Dental Hygiene Hoodlum

Another case of a serial thief with a strangely specific focus. Police in Columbus, Ohio are on the lookout for Sean Patrick Burk, who is suspected of multiple thefts of boxes of Crest White Strips. And only Crest White Strips. They're calling him the "Dental Hygiene Hoodlum."

Says the City Attorney, "Serial thieves generally target certain items but it is unusual for us to see such brand loyalty where an offender only steals large quantities of a single product, over and over again."


     Posted By: Alex - Fri Apr 22, 2016
     Category: Crime

Cheap advertisement.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 04/22/16 at 11:16 AM
I assume he isn't actually using them since he didn't smile for that mugshot.

Brush your teeth with Sani-Flush.
No more teeth, no more brush!
Posted by KDP on 04/22/16 at 12:38 PM
Perhaps he's an operative for an international ring of movie stars and show dogs. Rocky and Bullwinkle should be able to solve this.
Posted by Virtual on 04/22/16 at 01:09 PM
I use these on my dentures.
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 04/22/16 at 01:15 PM
Few people know there is actually a large black market demand for these.
Posted by BMN on 04/22/16 at 02:45 PM
Not sure how to submit weird news, so I'm just going to post the link from a news story that came out of my local area. "An exotic primate is safe after the owner of a Eugene pet store used it as payment for a sexual encounter with a prostitute, Eugene police said Friday." It gets even better when you add in the part about how the prostitute was payed in part with stolen girl-scout cookie money before being given the "monkey" (actually a bush baby) as a tip.
Posted by Miles on 04/22/16 at 11:07 PM
Another shoplifter specialized in stealing Texas Instruments graphing calculators from Target stores:
Posted by Fritz G on 04/23/16 at 08:18 AM
Stain Away Plus is the bomb for denture stains.
Posted by GFinKS on 04/25/16 at 10:04 AM
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