The minister who didn’t leave

Jackson, Mississippi. 1966: Rev. Dennis McDonald, being a new preacher in town, visited local residents with his two sons to invite them to his church. But he was shocked (shocked!) when he paid a visit to Mrs. Pendergrass and found her sunbathing outside in her birthday suit. Naturally he had to report her to the police, who fined her $50.

But Mrs. Pendergrass appealed the fine, and the court took her side, noting that a) she was on her own property, not in public; and b) if the minister was so shocked, why did he hang around at her house for 45 minutes?

You can read the court case here: MRS. ROY C. PENDERGRASS v. STATE OF MISSISSIPPI.

Kokomo Morning Times - Dec 20, 1966

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Self-righteous pervert.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 01/20/16 at 09:38 AM
Why don't Baptists dance?

Others would think they're having sex!
Posted by KDP on 01/20/16 at 09:44 AM
Naw sur, Sister, da lawd don't be'a needen' that, y'all jus brings it rat back up in hear.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 01/20/16 at 09:48 AM
What I find amazing is it reached the state supreme court within a year.
Posted by Phideaux on 01/20/16 at 10:39 AM
KDP, I always heard it the other way around:

Why don't Baptists have sex standing up?

They are afraid someone might see them and think they were dancing!
Posted by Frank H on 01/20/16 at 11:25 AM
The article isn't completely clear on whether Mrs. Pendergrass was unclothed and visible from a public sidewalk.
Posted by RobK on 01/20/16 at 11:36 AM
Frank H, I knew I may not have had that quite right.

My family attended a Baptist church for many years. In the long run, experience tells me that the positions are pretty much interchangeable.
Posted by KDP on 01/20/16 at 12:02 PM
RobK -- those details are discussed in the court ruling. From what I could gather, the minister had to go through a gate to get into the Pendergrass yard. So no, she wasn't visible from the street. But this was Mississippi in the 60s. So she got fined anyway.
Posted by Alex on 01/20/16 at 12:43 PM
Way back when I had my first 'real' job, there were four of us renting a house. Most Saturday nights were party nights with sleeping in Sunday mornings. Some Jehovah Witnesses would come around at about 9:00 AM to preach. A man and his wife and two pre-teen daughters. Randy, whose bedroom was the porch, had born the full brunt and decided enough was enough. Next Sunday morning he answered the door stark naked.

Surprise surprise, they never came back.
Posted by BMN on 01/20/16 at 02:51 PM
Some time back in the mid-seventies I was cooling off naked in a Colorado high mountain lake with a lady friend. A church, I'm guessing, hiking group came by and we submerged our selves to the waist with my friend sort of behind me. They passed about 50 feet away with lots of stares. Two men came up closer and quoting scripture, said we were sinful, mostly at my friend, she was well endowed. She stood up, full frontal and said, "gotten any lately boys"? Following a barrage of religious cursing we were informed that both of us would directly receive divine judgment by god with a stroke of lighting and sent to you know where. Forty years later I'm still waiting. My friend became a lawyer and developed a specialty of lawsuits against religious leaders dealing with sexual misconduct.
Posted by Gator Guy on 01/21/16 at 07:21 PM
Well as long as they were preaching hellfire and damnation at the 2 of you they could stare at your friend's tits.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 01/21/16 at 09:35 PM
I had a do nothing friend that sat around getting high all day. When the Jehova's witnesses came by, he would invite them in and spark up a joint. They didn't participate, but they didn't leave either. They had their set speech down and never waivered. This went on about 5 different times. Those two witnesses would walk into the apartment building and head straight for his door.
Posted by GFinKS on 01/25/16 at 11:52 AM
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