Dime-Dropping Ghosts

Researchers of the paranormal have identified a common theme in ghost tales: dime-dropping ghosts. That is, many people report the belief that ghosts are leaving them dimes. Consider this example reported on about.com's paranormal phenomena blog:

My aunt Julie died two years ago, on November 14, 2006. She had three children. Her youngest was only 14. Not long after her death, my uncle (her husband) found a dime on the floor of his workout room. No one, but him goes in that room. It was weird because he never has money when working out! He told my mom about it, and my mom had found a dime too! That same day. She found it at work, in the corner of her office. She called my mom about the stories. She found that very odd because she just found two dimes underneath my pop's chair at the kitchen table. Neither one of them put the dimes there. After almost the whole family found many dimes that were randomly anywhere, we knew it was Aunt Julie.

That's just one example. There are many more. My dead relatives must be stingy because they never leave me any dimes. But if any of them are listening out there, and are feeling generous, please consider leaving more than ten cents! $100 bills would be nice.
     Posted By: Alex - Mon Aug 11, 2008
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A dead relative of mine left me a 32 inch TV. We didn't find it randomly, though. It was left in his apartment.
Posted by Maegan on 08/11/08 at 01:20 PM
My father insists that my brother who passed away from cancer last year leaves pennies around the house for him.

Apparently he learned loved ones do that from Sylvia Brown...
Posted by MadCarlotta on 08/13/08 at 12:12 PM
So where do the dimes come from originally? Are ghosts stealing them off other people or is there some sort of supernatural forgery ring in the hereafter churning them out to order?
Posted by Dumbfounded on 02/18/10 at 09:22 AM
Presumably if ghosts can materialise dimes out of thin air, or transport them from somewhere else, they could equally drop small scraps of paper. Like, say, words taken from a discarded newspaper.

I'm sure on any given day I could construct quite a decent message from the morning paper, surely a "Hi, it's mother here!" isn't too difficult? Perhaps they could even drop something useful, like racing tips or the names of local murderers?

But no, I'm sure the best use of their eternal afterlives is to leave small denomination coins in the local currency.
Posted by Dumbfounded on 07/21/10 at 12:18 PM
So jace, so which poor sap do you think the ghost is stealing these dimes from then? 😕
Posted by Dumbfounded on 11/08/10 at 07:42 AM
Yeah, grandparents really suck when it comes to knowing what things cost nowadays. I mean, graduation dress for a dime? Sure, in 1911 maybe!
Posted by Dumbfounded on 04/19/11 at 08:06 AM
During a recent conversation with a friend who finds dimes from her dad we had to ask, "why a dime"? Could the dime represent time simply because they sound so much alike? Example: The meaning of leaving a dime could be that our spirit companions are always with us even when time comes between them and us. Or dearly departed loved one may be saying even though time passes I am still here with you.
Posted by Deb on 10/14/12 at 01:26 AM
Posted by veronica sepich on 11/16/12 at 02:28 AM
my sister passed 03/03/02. she dropped 3 dimes in a public restroom that we own, recently, to my daughter and both grandaughters. i was just in that bathroom a few minutes earlier. we were all there to celebrate River getting her red belt in Karate. Up until now. i had been finding dimes in lots of bathrooms since her passing. doesn't matter where i travel. i would like to see american dimes fall in a bathroom of another country, too. sometimes i find quarters near windows, too. the funny part and not so funny part of the story is how she passed on. she died in a bathroom, face down in a pile of her own laundry and suffocated there in her apartment all alone. she had three jobs and was nearing her 24 th birthday, which she never saw. When i went to the fertility specialist in 2006, a dime dropped out in his office and under my chair, so we attached it to the file. we then had our now 6 year old daughter River serenity. sorry that my story is so disjointed. My oldest daughter has recently become a medium. She said yes to the fact it is my sister dropping all the dimes. i's been 11 years now. I would say i would have around 5 dollars in dimes or more about now. i tried to communicate to her through the ouija board, and it said she was happy. But it said that she had drowned and mentioned a nancy, whom noone knows from any of her jobs. She took care of middle-aged women who were mentally retarded to some degree. Mom said her favorite patient was a biter and was the same age as her older sister, which is me. I just wander if she ate bad pizza with Lisa that night, or her heart gave out, or like Mom said, maybe she caught somethin from being bit all the time. I'm not afraid to meet her again. I wish we could communicate better than a bunch of dimes. Someone said dimes really mean time. Like time to remember we are watching. Maybe Grandma Dorothy are the quarters in the windows....and Sister Jaime are the dimes. Anyways all my kids are really starting to believe me now. My husband not so much. If i think of her and meditate in a bathroom, will a dime fall? I'm really interested to know more, and that it is not just me this is happening too.
Posted by [email protected] on 03/20/13 at 02:20 PM
When searching this I wasn't expexting to find anything...but here I am sharing my story.My fiance Jeremiah was killed on valentines day 7 yrs ago ever since then I began finding dimes everywhere,in the cracks in the concrete, under furniture,in places just cleaned, in some weird places. But I was having trouble w/ an ex I decided to take my lil girl out to play in the leaves swept the patio rugs sidewalk all into a huge pile of leaves shook rugs ect. Moments later my ex comes running around building I asked him to leave afterwards I called and reported another instances of unrelenting harassment after making a report police left on my clean freshly shook rug a dime under my feet. I started taking the dimes to my fiances grave site buried em with notes of love and it happens more than ever even my kids find them now. Just hopefully its his way of showing me he is still with me .
Posted by [email protected] on 06/06/13 at 03:31 AM
This is very interesting! I have heard numerous accounts of very similar experiences. There does seem to be a common link with money. I just wonder what the connection actually is?

There was an experiment conducted in Britain called the Scoles Experiment. It it well worth a look if you are interested in this type of thing. Basically it is an investigation into the afterlife.
Posted by Daniel Bryant on 06/29/13 at 03:57 AM
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