The Dorothy who collected Dorothys

Dorothy Richert collected stories about people named Dorothy. Which meant that, once the news story about her had appeared in the paper, she could collect herself.

She held an unusual belief about her name:

Girls who are named Dorothy, she says, are supposed to have interesting things happen to them or do interesting things. She says that girls named Mary run a close second.

Hmm. That would never have occurred to me. In fact, I could think of only two famous people named Dorothy: Dorothy Parker and Dorothy Sayers. Apparently Faye Dunaway's first name is Dorothy, but I don't think she should count because she's famous as Faye, not Dorothy. There's various lists around the web (here and here) if you want to learn about some other famous Dorothys.

As an Alex, the most famous Alex ever is pretty obvious and, I assume, will never be topped.

Port Huron Times Herald - Mar 12, 1950

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Dec 26, 2021
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Depending on your metrics, the much-beloved Alex Trebek is, surely, nearly as famous.

Van Halen (Alexander Arthur van Halen) is also pretty well known.

Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Pope,, and Alexander Fleming had their place in the sun.

And, of course, there's always Alex Kingston! Witty, talented, wicked. I have such a crush!
Posted by Phideaux on 12/26/21 at 08:56 AM
I'm sticking with the Macedonian, by far. Who else has "the Great" for middle & last name?

You have to admit that interesting things happened to the Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 12/26/21 at 11:43 AM
Dorothy Dandridge comes to mind. Here are a couple of videos of her.
Posted by ges on 12/26/21 at 07:42 PM
And then there's Alex the parrot.

As for Dorothies: Dorothy Hodgkin is justly famous in science circles. Apart from that, I have nothing, except for the fact that the name means "Gift of God".
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/01/22 at 06:30 AM
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