Exchanging Greetings and Introductions

     Posted By: Paul - Sat Apr 16, 2016
     Category: Etiquette and Formal Behavior | PSA’s | Children | 1960s

The 18 yo boyfriend of one of my daughters friends shows up at our house several years ago to meet daughter and friend. He parked his jeep on the lawn, honks his horn a couple of times and finally shuffles up to the door and lays on the door bell a long time. I answer and he say, hey dude, where the chick's, got a cold one in the fridge for me? My response: Kid the name is Mr. Gator, my hearing is not bad, The chicks are in the henhouse, you are under age and if you don't move your ride it's going to be sitting on four flats. He clearly understands my displeasure and threating body language and leaves. Daughter commends me later and said, dad you scared the sh*t out of that jerk, why? I said, give him your copy of Miss Manners to read.
Posted by Gator Guy on 04/16/16 at 09:08 PM
I read an Eddi Kit book once, boo coo many years ago. All in all, not a bad set of rules.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 04/16/16 at 11:57 PM
The only time I was taught about greetings and introductions was in Spanish class in Jr. High.
Posted by GFinKS on 04/21/16 at 01:33 PM

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