Fatman the Human Flying Saucer


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     Posted By: Paul - Wed Jul 17, 2013
     Category: Anthropomorphism | Body Modifications | Comics | 1960s

The creature looks way familier but I can't place it.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 07/17/13 at 10:17 AM
Dog forgive me, I had this comic once. Or maybe it was issue #2.
Posted by MarkMcD on 07/17/13 at 10:48 AM
I had this! I read it until I traded it for another comic, because 8 year olds are stupid. It's good to remember that once upon a time, comic books weren't "dark & gritty," but fun. Even if Lightning Comics was also responsible for the four color excrement that was "Tod Holton, Super Green Beret".

If someone would just post a run of "Not Brand Echh" I could die a happy man.
Posted by Bill the Splut on 07/17/13 at 12:17 PM
Bill--this seems to be a torrent of 1-13.

Posted by Paul on 07/17/13 at 12:34 PM
Consider the date on the cover. It was running up to the "Summer Of Love." I think that pretty much tells you what you need to know ...

Kudos to Bill for remembering "Not Brand Echh." Not many remember that Marvel had a self-parody comic at one time.
Posted by KDP on 07/17/13 at 04:34 PM
Thanks, Paul, but a Russian download site that wants my credit card number...Think I'll pass.

KDP: Not Brand Echh's Marie Severin! What a great artist. She's what really made NBE great. I'm surprised Marvel hasn't done a hardcover of NBE. Because Marvel sure loves our money.

I don't think 1967 meant anything to Beck & Binder. The creators of Fatman were from the Golden Age of comics creators, which is why so many 1960s comics are hilariously out of date as they were written by middle-aged cranky men. Although Fatman does include this sound effect! TWICE! Maybe that's why he eats so much?

Anybody remember DC's attempt at copying NBE, "Inferior Five"?
Posted by Bill the Splut on 07/17/13 at 06:42 PM
Whoops! Sorry, Bill, I did not look into the details of that site. Bad news!

A close friend of mine is close friends with Marie Severin, and he will visit her later this year. Still hanging in there, but not doing art anymore. Of course, her brother John, another great force in the comics world, passed away a short while back.
Posted by Paul on 07/17/13 at 08:18 PM
na na na na, na na na na
na na na na, na na na na,
FATMAN!!! :lol:
Next week, See Fatman's nemisis "The Choker" take the form of a chicken sandwich!-With a bone hidden inside!
Will Fatman Survive? :lol: :coolsmile:
Posted by Tyrusguy on 07/17/13 at 08:55 PM
Paul, let Marie know that she's still beloved! She was so good, it was sometimes hard to tell when it was her or the artist she was parodying--this exchange is the funniest thing I ever saw in a comic, ever, and look at how Kirby it looks. The second funniest was "Casey at the Bat," with Casey played by the Inedible Bulk and holding up a hand to calm the crowd that was pelting the pitcher with garbage (taped to the Bulk's hand was a little sign that read "more!"). Also, the parody of Steranko's Nick Fury, a story that they could only call "<strike>HELL</strike> HECK HOUND <strike>KILL</strike> HURT!" Yeah, that's how they spelled it. Knock Furious takes his eyepatch off to shine it, and his missing eyeball is a Fearless Fosdick bullet hole. I was a huge fan of MAD, but she was even funnier than any of their artists!

For 50 years, anytime someone brags about something of dubious value, I think "I HAVE A HUNDRED PAIR OF STRETCH SOCKS!" and then "SHUDDUP about the socks, already!"
Posted by Bill the Splut on 07/17/13 at 10:26 PM
Okay, further research indicates that maybe the Kirby "stretch socks" one was done by Kirby. I shall shut up now.
Posted by Bill the Splut on 07/17/13 at 10:39 PM
I never heard of NBE, but the Inferior Five!! Now THAT reactivated some brain cells I have not used in over 45 years.

The "Tinman" character immediately reminded me of the character "Tin" in "Metal Men" -- which I also had not thought of in a very, very long time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_Men
Posted by Frank on 07/18/13 at 01:01 AM
Bill--by Severin or by Kirby, those panels were damn funny. Never saw them before. Thanks!
Posted by Paul on 07/18/13 at 10:15 AM
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