First it was a play.

Bestiality - oh final horror - has come to Off-Broadway. It came last night at the Theater de Lys in a play called "Futz!" The strange thing is - and is this a sign of the corruption of our society? - the crime, act, fact, or whatever you want to call it, of bestiality would have come to Broadway itself if another show, "Leda Had A Little Swan", had not been beastly enough, and sadly, boring enough, to collapse during previews before the scheduled opening. However, Rochelle Owens's "Futz!", which I saw at one of its final previews, has beaten its controversial path into our ken. And I must say I am glad it did...

Cyrus Futz is a simple farm boy who happens to be in love with his pig, Amanda. Indeed he regards Amanda as his wife. As he tells his pig: "We tried to go to church but they wouldn't let us in - so I read you the Bible at home." However, Cy and Amanda are no normal couple, and the seedy normality of the village turns upon them and Cy is murdered by vengeful villagers.

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Then it was a film.

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