Gamma Goochee

A YouTube commenter explains:

According to the notes to "Great Googa Mooga" (Ace CHCD 830) Gamma Goochee Himself was a dental technician named John Mangiagli from southern California. Each year, he would spend his summer vacation making and promoting a self-produced record. This disk was the only one that even came close to charting in the US. The backup singers were his pre-teen nieces. Strange song, even stranger story behind it..

Hear another song by Mangiagli at the link (non-embeddable).

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Jan 19, 2023
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Here's a radio show I did a while back that explores the Gamma Goochee. Lots of covers of this song(even by Joe Walsh) even the (somewhat racist) children's record he may have gotten the lyrics from. The Gamma Goochie part starts around the hour mark(the first hour is mostly Jelly Belly songs).
Posted by S. Norman on 01/19/23 at 11:14 AM
Many thanks for this, SN!
Posted by Paul on 01/19/23 at 11:47 AM
Something must be wrong with me.......I kinda like it. :O
Posted by Mike on 01/19/23 at 01:49 PM
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