Grand Canyon, Colorado

May 1999: the U.S. Postal Service had printed 100 million copies of a stamp showing the Grand Canyon before anyone noticed that the stamp had "Grand Canyon, Colorado" printed in the corner. Luckily, the stamps hadn't been released to the public yet, but they all had to be destroyed and replaced with a new stamp which correctly placed the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

According to the site, the problems with the stamp didn't end there. It was discovered that the image of the canyon had been flipped left to right, but the postal service decided this wasn't enough of an error to warrant reprinting the stamp.

Salem Statesman Journal - May 18, 1999

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jun 17, 2020
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If only they had built that wall to protect Colorado, Arizona wouldn't have stolen their canyon
Posted by crc on 06/17/20 at 07:32 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if a few escaped destruction. Stamp collectors do love misprints, and some go for really big money.
Posted by Phideaux on 06/17/20 at 06:34 PM
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