The Guts Game

The first game ever that requires the player to swallow a sensor. The game is then played by doing things to change your gut temperature over the next 24 hours, until the sensor is excreted. The game isn't yet available for sale. From

“Guts Game” requires two players to each swallow a 20mm-long, FDA-cleared, single-use HQInc CorTemp sensor (originally developed to monitor people in extreme environments, like firefighters and soldiers). Participants can then rack up points by changing their body’s core temperature via hot or cold showers, ingesting liquids of varying temperatures, eating spicy food, and exercising. The sensor ideally transmits information every 10 seconds to a CorTemp receiver as it travels through the players’ digestive tracks, though there can be time lags in the reporting. The game ends when the sensor is excreted from one player’s body - after about 24-36 hours - and the points they earned while the sensor was inside them are tallied up.

More info: Exertion Games Lab [pdf]

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Nov 28, 2018
     Category: Games

And all this time we've been telling our kids not to swallow batteries, that it is a very bad thing to do.
Where's the provision that this thing gets stuck somewhere in the folds of your gut, degrades to a point where the inner workings are exposed, followed by a painful DEATH!
Posted by Jessica on 11/28/18 at 10:52 AM
Never mind the thing in your gut, as soon as the game hits the Florida market, we will have hypothermias and insulations by the dozens and at least one ghost-pepper second-degree burn. "Florida man found dead in a meat locker because of a CorTemp game", anyone?
Posted by Yudith on 11/29/18 at 06:03 AM
Well this sounds like a crappy game!
Posted by Robert on 11/29/18 at 09:32 AM
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