Modern Witches

     Posted By: Paul - Fri Oct 09, 2020
     Category: Holidays | Superstition | 1960s | Women

"Any woman can be a witch when she wants to be."

In "Bell, Book and Candle" (1958):
Shepherd Henderson: That girl you know, Gillian Holroyd, she's one.
Merle Kittridge: A witch?
Shepherd Henderson: Yes!
Merle Kittridge: Shep, you just never learned to spell.
Posted by Phideaux on 10/09/20 at 07:10 AM
@Phideaux: true in 1958, and still true in 2020. The amount of complete bovine excrement that goes into wicca self-mystification is, was, and always will be off the scale. That's what you get when atheists decide they'll start their own without understanding the basics.
Posted by Richard Bos on 10/10/20 at 11:19 AM
Modern witches: Because people dig the idea of women running around naked in the woods...
Posted by Brian on 10/14/20 at 02:44 PM
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