How Now, Dow Jones

The weird premises of certain Broadway shows is a theme encountered before on WU. Here's another instance.

How Now, Dow Jones, set in Wall Street, follows Kate who announces the Dow Jones numbers. Her fiancé will not marry her until the Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 1,000.

The author William Goldman offers his analysis.

     Posted By: Paul - Mon May 22, 2023
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I remember the song "Step to the Rear" being used in Lincoln-Mercury television commercials in the late 60s. And Hubert Humphrey's campaign for president used it in 1968.

It was also adapted into the fight song of the University of South Carolina under the title "The Fighting Gamecocks Lead the Way".
Posted by Frank P Harris on 05/23/23 at 01:32 PM
FYI Here's another interesting obscure musical: "Anything & Everything" which ran for two nights at Swarthmore College in 1957. I disagree with the creator that it qualifies as a "rock" musical, but the nutty original songs make up for it. Read the back story here:
And you can listen to the album here:
PS: The group NRBQ plays one of these compositions live occasionally (the "It Can Be Seen..." one)
Posted by Ed in DC on 05/23/23 at 10:41 PM
That was fascinating stuff, Ed! Many thanks!
Posted by Paul on 05/24/23 at 10:21 AM
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