hyena sex

Weirdest animal mating arrangements
NYC's Museum of Sex commissioned a Brooklyn artist to make renditions of animals goin' at it, like Bambi in a threesome, "GG-Rubbing Bonobos," and something called "Gay Dolphin Blow-Hole Sex" And then there's the spotted hyena:
You'll find it difficult not to notice that both the male and female have penises. The female, it turns out, has a scrotal sack, too. For reproductive purposes, the male transfers his sperm through the female's penis, which doubles as her clitoris. 'When the male inserts himself into the female, it looks like a mid-air refueling' [said biologist Joan Roughgarden, the chief consultant]
Yes, of course! Intelligent design! Bloomberg News (photos at Link!)
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Jul 28, 2008

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