Indecent Apes

McAllen Monitor - Nov 19, 1993

The offending cover. It's true, you can see a dangly bit there, as well as some naked ta-tas.

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Nov 29, 2017
     Category: Censorship, Bluenoses, Taboos, Prohibitions and Other Cultural No-No’s | 1990s

Considering the age of this news story, I was curious how the parties have fared over the years.. Here's what I found :

Minyards no longer exists. After a long decline it finally dissolved in July 2016. Perhaps it should have kept those issues of Discover on the shelf for the few extra dollars in sales. Discover magazine was a subsidiary of TIME, Inc. and now is owned by Kalmbach Publishing. (I'm familiar with Kalmbach due to a subscription over the last thirty years to their flagship publication, Model Railroader. Yes, I play with model trains.)
Posted by KDP on 11/29/17 at 08:14 AM
They seem to be looking for Mr. Nicolino, to collect a surplus brassiere from his failed "Bras Across the Grand Canyon" project.
Posted by Virtual on 11/30/17 at 11:55 AM
So should Discover put a black censorship bar on all animals' udders, titties and genitals, or just the proto-humans' ?
Posted by Yudith on 11/30/17 at 11:57 AM
Posted by Brian on 11/30/17 at 11:10 PM
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