Insane Killer Dynamited in His Fortress

In earlier eras, there were different strategies for ending a siege than what we are accustomed to today.

Source of fotos.

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Aug 29, 2017
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I'm sure there's a good movie script in there. The story also reminds me of a few modern sieges that have gone over the top - the Symbionese Liberation Army siege in the mid 1970's and the MOVE incident in Philadelphia in 1985. That last one burnt down a whole neighborhood.
Posted by KDP on 08/29/17 at 07:44 AM
THE Mad Trapper of Rat River has a couple of movies about him. He had a well planned log cabin bunker and they had 20Lbs of dynamite to get him out. Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin were in "Death Hunt".
Posted by BMN on 08/29/17 at 09:32 AM
Anyone know why the run-around on Wiki?
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Link should be:
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Appears the site is changing the link, must not like parentheses. Need to copy and paste the text.
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RobK: tinyurl always handy for such situations.
Posted by Paul on 08/29/17 at 11:36 AM
Sixty isn't elderly.

Ironic that it took place in Defiance, Ohio.
Posted by ges on 08/29/17 at 10:56 PM
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