Japanese “Do Not” Signs

The one on the left is self-explanatory, though odd. The meaning of the one on the right, however, is a complete mystery to me. Do not sit on the little cone person?

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Jul 31, 2008
     Category: Signage

It says "Noboranai de kudasai" which means "don't climb on this." I still can't figure out what he's supposed to be doing. Balancing on a softball on a cone?

What's with the "no puking" sign? Where would they prefer you puke?
Posted by BikerPuppy on 07/31/08 at 01:49 PM
Brian may have the right of it. It would be helpful if we could see where it was/is posted.

(Actually I think it's got something to do with one of those weird Japanese sex acts we've all read about.)
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/01/08 at 01:03 AM
Likely it's supposed to be a pole. In Japan, typically cones are connected together with poles, so they're more like portable railings. Example: http://www.flickr.com/photos/flapjax_at_midnite/3545743950/
Posted by Bryan on 04/13/12 at 04:14 PM
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