John Cameron Swayze Board Game

A board game with built-in obsolescence. Not the brightest notion.

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Swayze is a Quiz game based on today's news. The players take turns acting as the Quizmaster who thinks of a news item from recent headlines, using a special map of the world. The other players are panel members who try and identify the news event by asking questions. John Cameron Swayze lends his name to the game. Yes the same John Cameron Swayzee of TIMEX watch commercials fame. Back when this game was around Swayze was doing the evening news and was a pretty famous and well recognized newsman and TV celebrity.

A book comes with the game that has current events listed for different areas of the world just in case the Quizmaster cant think of any for a particular area of the world. Some examples of what's in the book; Mount Everest conquered by Hillary May 1953, Ben Hogan wins British Open July 1953, US Forces enter Korea south of 38th Parallel Jul 1950, Mohandas Gandhi assassinated Jan 1948.
     Posted By: Paul - Thu Sep 30, 2021
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On the contrary, it's a very bright notion indeed - if they'd only thought of bringing out a "New, Improved, Updated Version For 1956. After all, sports manager computer games sell loads of copies every year of essentially the same game, just with new player data. Why not this one?
Posted by Richard Bos on 10/02/21 at 01:22 PM
They should have created a subscription model that sent subscribers new questions every couple of weeks.
Posted by Brian on 10/05/21 at 11:57 AM
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