Left wife, lived in forest for 10 years

Malcolm Applegate claims that he got fed up with his wife's nagging. So he left and went into hiding in a thick woodland outside of London for ten years.

Applegate has since emerged from the woodland, reconnected with his wife, and he says, "We now have a great relationship again."

It reminds me of that story of the Iranian guy who's wife left him, so he lived half-naked in a cave for 30 years.

It also supports my theory that without their wives many men would revert to a stone-age-type existence.

More info: NZ Herald

Malcolm Applegate

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Oct 17, 2017
     Category: Husbands | Marriage

Please note that the article states that he has a great relationship with his sister, not wife. He lives in a homeless shelter and does not appear to have reconnected with his wife.
Posted by Edward on 10/18/17 at 10:11 PM
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