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I had to snap this picture covertly, on the streets of Providence, with my camera held at waistlevel and viewfinder image unseen, so I'm surprised it came out as good as it did. Circumstances prevented me from gaping at whatever was on the front of the shirt.


The legend on the back says:


A whole lotta lovin' for a whole lot of woman!

Click foto to "enlarge."
     Posted By: Paul - Sat May 01, 2010
     Category: Body | Obesity | Fashion | Signage | Outsider Art | Public Indecency

As a friend of mine always says, "A lot'a cushion for da pushin'".
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 05/01/10 at 11:26 AM
Be Proud, Big Mama! Big is Beautiful!
Posted by Nethie on 05/01/10 at 12:28 PM
It's always feels the same on the inside. I care more about what's between the ears than between (or around/behind) the legs. 😜
Posted by ANON in Nowhere on 05/01/10 at 02:24 PM
Dear Me:

Tell me where that foto was taken, and I will gladly remove it.
Posted by Paul on 05/01/10 at 02:40 PM
Okay, here are some additional thoughts.

As a fat person with a public profile myself, I get a pass on making fun of my fellow fatties.

Here's a recent picture of me:

The weird thing here is not this woman's weight. I think all WU readers will agree that there have been zero posts on this blog which use weight as a sole criteria for poking fun. The weird thing is the combo of this semi-illiterate shirt plus her oversized figure. The emphasis to me is on proletarian use of the language, in combination with a stereotype of the typical USA proletarian body type.

Would I have snapped a picture of a gorgeous supermodel wearing this shirt? Probably not.

But would I have snapped a picture of this same overweight woman if she had been wearing an unadorned t-shirt and poked fun at her the same way? Definitely not!

As for this being an off-the-rack garment, inserting the phrase into Google produces no hits on such a garment, so I still believe it was custom-made.

I do not deny this woman's fine spirit or soul or any other loving qualities. But she's over-the-top while wearing this shirt.

And I thought superficial and shallow were our club's entrance requirements?!?
Posted by Paul on 05/01/10 at 03:49 PM
NP Paul .. I hope my comment didn't sound negative. I've recently become very good friends with Patty. I have a super skinny 50 year old wonderful wife (5'1" .. 130 lbs .. gorgeous redhead). I think people are just baiting you. Love your humor and posts .. I hope the other folks "get it" on here. If this place ever became PC or serious about itself it'd not be the same.
Posted by ANON in Nowhere on 05/01/10 at 04:04 PM
Never a problem, BD! Thanks for your participation!
Posted by Paul on 05/01/10 at 04:07 PM
very strange, it should be in a card not on a garment. it is a personal sentiment, yet the wording is oddly impersonal. perhaps english is not her significant other's first language. also maybe cultural differences preclude him from realizing it is an odd thing for her to wear, add to that she most likely doesn't want to hurt his feelings by not wearing it. a big girl who is (seemingly) adored that much would be very protective of the relationship. paul, nice pic sweetie. you aren't a mean spirited guy so i don't doubt it was humor in the combination of shirt and girl not just making fun of a fat girl. just don't let that adoring guy see you snapping pics of his beloved or you might be in trouble! 😉
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 05/01/10 at 06:32 PM
Paul, you don't owe anyone an explanation for this. Being probably the fattest person who visits WU, I didn't look at this and take offense, or feel you were picking on this woman because of her size. The shirt is weird, and would be weird regardless of who was wearing it.
Posted by Nethie on 05/02/10 at 12:54 AM
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