Love trapped


A man who died after having sex with a prostitute ended up trapped inside of her. They had to be taken to the hospital to be "de-coupled"

     Posted By: BrokeDad - Sat Feb 06, 2016
     Category: Accidents | Love and Romance | Public Humiliation | Sexuality

OMG NOOOOOO!!!!! That is just horrifying!I think that could ruin sex, even for me.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/06/16 at 03:41 PM
A bit inconvenient, perhaps, but just think what you will have done for the ER folks' day.
Posted by Virtual on 02/06/16 at 04:24 PM deems it "probably false."
Posted by ges on 02/06/16 at 08:30 PM
Ok.. would that be a rigormorris or rigorboner? I'm searching here...
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/07/16 at 12:27 AM
Rigorous boner use resulting in rigor mortis I believe. I wonder how long it took the mortician to wipe the smile off his face. They could bury him with his penis in his hand, every guys third favorite place to put their penis.(maybe 4th)
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/07/16 at 10:33 AM
Ladies, you may never have the chance to drag a random dead guy around the mall with you. However, there are other amazing feats you can perform to impress friends and family by mastering Vaginal Kung Fu. Link:
Posted by Virtual on 02/08/16 at 02:00 PM
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