Lowell Mason - The Singing Midget

It always helps to have a gimmick in the music industry, and Lowell Mason’s was that he claimed to be “the world’s smallest gospel singer.” Some info about him from missioncreep.com:

born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1937. Mason's singing career began at the tender age of nine, when his father, a minister, would send him out to churches and revival meetings across the southern and mid-western United States. Mason said, "My folks used to put me on a Greyhound bus, I'd travel somewhere, someone would meet me at the other end of the line, I'd go and sing, then that same person would put me back on the bus and send me home."

He appears to have been fairly successful. And, in fact, he's still going strong. Check out his website. Though, at 82, he now focuses more on his church activities than his singing.

     Posted By: Alex - Sat May 25, 2019
     Category: Little People | Music

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