The McGuire Twins

Many of you might already know about the McGuire Twins, since they appeared on both Family Guy and The Simpsons. But when I realized they hadn't yet been mentioned anywhere on WU, I thought I should correct that.

The two claimed to be the world's heaviest twins. And they probably were. They both weighed well over 700 lbs at their heaviest.

They were born Billy and Benny McCrary. The McGuire Twins was a stage name they adopted later during their professional wrestling career.

Apparently they were of normal weight until age 10, when a case of measles left both of them with malfunctioning pituitary glands, and their weight started to balloon.

They're best known for riding around on their Honda mini-bikes.

More info: and wikipedia.

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Feb 09, 2018
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