New York City Driving—1928

I have no idea of the provenance of this material. Is that Buster Keaton or Harold Lloyd driving? Is that really Babe Ruth in the back seat? But I do know it's amazing.

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Mar 31, 2009
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Add some color, update the cars and we're in Athens!

Actually, this does remind me of Izmir, Turkey in the 70s.

It's not Buster and that does look like Babe.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/31/09 at 11:50 AM
Thanks for the info, Stan!
Posted by Paul on 03/31/09 at 12:10 PM
The immortal Harold Lloyd -- definitely one of the top-5 physical comics of all time, but Keaton is right there, too! There was a wonderful Candid Camera segment recently pulled from YouTube of Keaton in a diner ordering a sandwich and cup of coffee and a bowl of soup -- between wringing out the sandwich after spilling the coffee, sneezing and dropping his toupee in the soup, catching his coat sleeve on a napkin holder and tearing it off -- if you aren't in tears you don't have a pulse. But Lloyd was amazing and the stories behind his stunts are more amazing still. Laughter, I pray, will never go out of style. And yeah, that's Babe Ruth himself! Thanks for sharing this gem!
Posted by warrenwr on 03/31/09 at 04:31 PM
My brother drives like this. And he can't understand why noone wants to ride with him. :wow:
Posted by Nethie on 04/01/09 at 04:11 AM
Sadly, a lot of current NYC taxi drivers drive this way as well. One got so bad I told him to let me out, and I had to take another cab.
Posted by Leshka on 04/01/09 at 09:37 AM
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