No Halloween on Sundays

Every so often Halloween falls on a Sunday — as it does this year. Whenever this happens it seems to inspire efforts to move the celebration back a day, to Saturday, because there are those who feel it's sacreligious to be parading around as ghosts and witches on the Sabbath.

The most high-level effort to change Halloween from a Sunday to a Saturday, that I'm aware of, happened in 1971 when Gov. Bob Scott of North Carolina decreed that Halloween was officially moved back a day for everyone in his state because, "It is not proper for ghoulies, ghosties and goblins to be flitting about on the Sabbath."

It's also reportedly illegal in Rehoboth, Delaware to celebrate Halloween on a Sunday.

The Danville Register - Oct 20, 1971

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Oct 31, 2021
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