Note from Chuck Shepherd

Dear Weirdettes and Weirdbros,
I am retiring very soon from News of the Weird and Weird Universe.
My final weekly NotW column (my 1,534th) will be posted on July 2nd,
ending 29-plus years in the saddle (28 of them as distributed by
Universal Press Syndicate, now known as Universal UClick). (I don't
know what Universal's plans are for the column, and I am not part of that
discussion.) The reason for retiring is that I am simply exhausted, i.e.,
so many stories to process, slower-firing synapses with which to process
them. In fact, my synapses don't so much "fire" these days as they kinda
"lurch." I know that some of you (because you're kind) will be moved to
shout out a few nice words to me, but, as I say, I am exhausted and thus
may not (or may) respond. Just let me say that I will forever and ever be
so very grateful to readers (and editors) for allowing me this gig. Y'all
take care of yourselves.
Unsentimentally Yours,
Chuck Shepherd
WeirdNews at Earthlink dot net (until Dec 2017) / P. O. Box 18737,
Tampa FL 33679 (permanent)
     Posted By: Chuck - Sun Jun 04, 2017

My world will not be the same when you retire. Rest well...
Posted by Amra on 06/04/17 at 09:08 AM
That sucks. Wish you well, good luck.
Posted by Greg on 06/04/17 at 09:18 AM
I've checked notw every week for years and years. Thanks for one of my favourite things on the internet.. thanks for everything man
Posted by mikeUK on 06/04/17 at 10:20 AM
I'm proud to have been credited several times for items I've sent to you that you have seen fit to publish. I wish you well and hope you pop in here now and then.
Posted by ges on 06/04/17 at 10:36 AM
There will always be more weird news.

There will never be but one Chuck Shepherd delivering it.

Figure I've followed you most of the past three decades. Time flies, eh?
Posted by mindful webworker on 06/04/17 at 11:45 AM
Thank you deeply for all the years you've made me laugh. I wish you the best in retirement and hope your part of Florida stays above sea level for as long as you are there.
Posted by Fritz G on 06/04/17 at 01:33 PM
I too wish you the best in retirement. Your work will be missed, it is my favorite part of the weekend. I can only hope that an attempt will be made to continue what you have so endearingly given us for all these many years.
Posted by Steve E. on 06/04/17 at 06:19 PM
You've started my week every Sunday since I found NoTW back in 2008. I will miss it greatly.
Posted by Bajasafari on 06/04/17 at 07:19 PM
I second Mike from the U.K.

Best thing about the internet!
Posted by Burgher in the Burgh on 06/04/17 at 07:36 PM
NOTW has been on my book-mark bar for as long as I can remember; it has always started my day off with a smile. Its been great to read weird news which is funny/entertaining/enlightening as opposed to the depressing weird news which these days is pretty much all that's on mainstream media. You will be missed. All the best for a joyful retirement!
Posted by Oskar Tripp on 06/04/17 at 08:28 PM
Thank you for all your hard work.
Posted by eddi on 06/04/17 at 09:46 PM
Congratulations on your decades of success! You always provided a lift. I discovered you in my local newspaper, followed you onto the Internet, and then migrated to this site. Truly the end of an era. I hope you have a long and happy retirement; you've more than earned it.
Posted by Phideaux on 06/04/17 at 11:07 PM
I started following News of the Weird in high school after googling a source name from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader to see if such an entity actually existed. Over many successive lunch hours, I read through NotW's archive and have been following ever since. Although there are now many other potential sources of offbeat or weird news nowadays, none have ever matched Chuck's level of discernment, quality, and (occasionally) commentary. Thank you so very much for all these eyebrow-raising years!
Posted by Michael Watson on 06/05/17 at 06:36 AM
Started following this when I was in grad school. The fact that I have been out for 21 years and the quality weird news has been delivered for all that time speaks for itself.

Enjoy a well-earned rest.

And an occasional check-in with the WU site would be most welcome!
Posted by crc on 06/05/17 at 07:27 AM
You will be much missed. But we understand that it's time for you to move on. Hopefully, the others can carry on the tradition.

Posted by Ed on 06/05/17 at 07:51 AM
I have been reading your column for at least 10 years. Well written and well informed. I will miss reading it but I understand that fatigue may be setting in for you. This has happened to several of my favourite sites, at least you are still alive, unlike some others.
Posted by James on 06/06/17 at 04:13 AM
I have followed NOTW since the ninety's. A welcome source of weirdness to get me through my week. Thank you Chuck for your diligence in searching out the best weird stories. So many were funny or absurd. Enjoy your retirement.
Posted by Sandra on 06/07/17 at 03:56 PM
I stumbled upon this site many years ago and have faithfully looked forward to it every week. Many thanks Chuck. Keep those synapses firing.
Posted by Craig S on 06/09/17 at 10:31 AM
Remember to take care of yourself in retirement as well, Chuck. We wouldn't want to see you suffer from Alex's Bowery-el phenomenon!
Posted by Richard Bos on 06/10/17 at 06:13 AM
Just go rejuvenate by drinking some infant blood (isn't that the new fad now?)

Thanks for the many years of entertainment. Go see some of our weird universe and relax. Don't Panic.
Posted by Douglas Adams on 06/12/17 at 09:02 AM
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