The NuGrape Twins

The NuGrape Twins were a Georgia blues and gospel duo who recorded in the 1920s. Very little is known about them. Were they really twins? No one knows.

What is clear is that they liked NuGrape soda. They only recorded six songs (all for Columbia Records), and two of them were about NuGrape. "I've Got Your Ice-Cold NuGrape" is considered to be their masterpiece. Dylan Kenny, of Yale Daily News, writes, "it’s catchy, it’s weird, it’s an excellent pop song."

Were the NuGrape Twins being paid by NuGrape to sing these songs? Again, no one knows. It seems more likely that they were just big fans of the soda.

I'd never heard of NuGrape soda before, but apparently it's still available. Though it's hard to find outside of the southeast United States.
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Found this about them at "The Nugrape Twins were an American 'old-time' gospel group. The twins Mark and Matthew Little (born September 16, 1888 in Tennille, Washington County, Georgia - Matthew Little died August 20, 1962 in De Kalb County, GA, Mark Little died July 17, 1965 in Fulton County, GA) made ​​their recording debut on November 2, 1926 in Atlanta, Georgia. During this session, their two best-known titles, 'I Got Your Ice Cold Nugrape' and 'There's A City Built Of Mansions', were recorded. The titles were released on Columbia (catalog number 14-187). A second session, as Mark & ​​Matthew (the Nugrape Twins) was recorded in 1927." Also had a column several years ago at
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