Oakland Ballet Battles Virginity

1995: In an effort to attract new customers, "including singles, sports-minded men and female shopping-mall patrons," the Oakland Ballet put up billboards that displayed the message, "Go ahead, take another date to miniature golf, and die a virgin. Oakland Ballet. You just might like it."

I can understand that the ads were meant to be controversial, but what was with the weird dig at miniature golf?

More info: LA Times

Sacramento Bee - Nov 23, 1995

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Mar 29, 2021
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I went to the ballet forever . . . oops, I mean I went once. It only seemed like forever. My date that night was a sophisticated airhead who just had to be seen at every cultural event. Entering and leaving, I had to stay a little away from her because if my legs touched her dress, it absolutely ruined the oh-so-exquisite drape of the imported fabric. At the end of the night, I was very happy to go home alone.

I've played miniature golf exactly once. It was fun! More importantly, my date had a good time, and it was easy to make her laugh (as everyone knows, a pretty woman laughing is the most beautiful thing in the world).

My sexual mores at that age were severely compromised because I was continually overcompensating for having been born a virgin, but even I never sank to willingly taking a date to the ballet or opera.

Posted by Phideaux on 03/29/21 at 10:37 AM
So the next time someone asks you to the ballet, you can be sure they’re just trying to get in your pants...
Posted by Brian on 03/29/21 at 03:58 PM
@Phideaux: don't knock the opera - just don't pick Wagner or Im Weissen Roessl. If you want a pretty woman to laugh, take her to see Gilbert and Sullivan!
Posted by Richard Bos on 04/04/21 at 04:36 AM
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