One-Hand Chips

From Japan, comes a solution to the problem of getting your fingers greasy when you eat potato chips. Snack-maker Koike-ya has designed chips that you can 'drink' directly from the bag. From the Wall Street Journal:

[Koike-ya’s] One Hand brand features a line of splintered potato chips and other snacks that can be consumed like a bottled drink. It’s marketed with a jumbo-size premise—“a new snack style humankind has been waiting for.” The idea originated with the observation that customers like the mix of potato chip crumbs and flavored powder left at the bottom of the bag. Some eaters tip the chip bag into their mouths to dump the delectable detritus. “What we said is, ‘Why don’t we make it easier for them to do that?’ ” said Kohei Shimosaka, who led a five-member team of chip designers to find the optimum configuration... The research and development finally cooked up a hand-held package with an angled opening.

It looks like a bag of french fries to me. And couldn't you do this on your own with regular chips if you smashed them up while in the bag, and then cut an angled opening to pour them right into your mouth?

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     Posted By: Alex - Tue Mar 05, 2019
     Category: Junk Food

I remember a vending machine offering here in the U.S. that looks very much like what is pictured here. Can't remember the name, but it has the same impossible day-glow orange coating. I wouldn't eat it.
Posted by KDP on 03/05/19 at 11:52 AM
Looks just like ”potato sticks” that I used to eat out of a can. Of course, you couldn’t eat it with one hand, and your hands did get greasy. This is probably aimed at cellphone users.
Posted by Judy on 03/05/19 at 12:52 PM
That stuff left at the bottom of the bag is mostly salt, and the rest is probably chemicals. They can have it.
Posted by Virtual on 03/05/19 at 05:08 PM
"That stuff left at the bottom of the bag is mostly salt, and the rest is probably chemicals. They can have it."

I can assure you, Virtual, that the stuff on the bottom is most certainly chemicals. So is the stuff on the top.

Long time bumper sticker: "What in the world isn't chemistry"
Posted by crc on 03/06/19 at 06:35 AM
I think there is an unacknowledged translation issue between English english and U.S. english. "Chips" does not always mean what is assumed above. The "chips" pictured would be in the line of English "chips" (U.S. "french fries").
Posted by Floormaster Squeeze on 03/06/19 at 08:03 AM
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