He Opens Doors

The YouTube channel "I Open Doors" is all about opening doors. Every day the guy who runs it (he remains anonymous) posts a short video of himself opening a door. It's usually a different door each day. He’s been doing this now for almost a year.

His most popular video (below) shows him opening a toilet door in an airplane.

He only shows himself opening doors with his left hand, but he promises that if his channel ever reaches 100,000 subscribers he’ll reveal his right hand. As of now (Mar 2020) he’s at 513 subscribers. So he's got a ways to go.

You can read an interview with him at theverge.com.

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Mar 26, 2020
     Category: Boredom | Video

If he wants to amp up his likes, he needs to open a bathroom door and walk in on a pretty lady...
Posted by Brian on 03/26/20 at 09:01 PM
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