Parental Pressure

David Phillips was so eager to become a grandfather that in 1969 he built a 9-foot statue of a pregnant woman outside his house as a subtle hint to his son, Bill, and daughter-in-law that they should hurry up and start producing children.

I found a picture of the statue under wraps, but unfortunately not one of it uncovered. Nor could I find out if Bill Phillips and his wife ever did succumb to the parental pressure and hade children. But I did find out that he was a minor celebrity as a trumpet player. You can read his bio on the Canadian Encyclopedia. He was a founding member of the band Canadian Brass. The bio also reports a rumor that he played the trumpet solo on Penny Lane, which he didn't, but apparently he was famous enough as a trumpet player that the idea seemed plausible to some people.

Great Falls Tribune - June 4, 1969

Calgary Herald - June 6, 1969

The trumpeter who actually played the solo on Penny Lane was David Mason. See video below.

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Not so bad. He didn't build the statue on his son's lawn.
Posted by Virtual on 11/27/18 at 08:41 AM
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