Penny Payment

In the news recently, yet another case of paying with pennies. This time it was Nick Stafford of Cedar Bluff, Virginia who wheelbarrowed 300,000 pennies into the lobby of the DMV.

In cases such as this, the penny payer is usually trying to get revenge for having to pay a fine, but Stafford hadn't been fined. Instead, he was paying the sales tax on two new cars. His beef with the DMV was that it had resisted his effort to make it share with him the direct phone lines to all the local DMV offices.

Stafford spent $840 to make the spite payment, in addition to the payment itself: $400 for the wheelbarrows, which he left at the DMV office, and $440 to pay 11 people to help him break open enough paper rollls of pennies.

As I've said before, it's the responsibility of the person making a payment to demonstrate that all the money is there, not the person getting paid. So the DMV could have forced him to count out all the pennies. If they didn't, I'm sure it's only because they wanted to limit their interaction with him as much as possible.

More info: Bristol Herald Courier

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jan 14, 2017
     Category: Pranks and Revenge

Could always "count" them by weight. Why did he have to leave the wheelbarrows? Why not wheel them in in clear plastic bags?
Posted by RobK on 01/17/17 at 12:42 PM
Or even dump it all into a big pile on the floor. Bring 4 of the penny roll unrollers to help, and make hasty exit with the wheelbarrows.
Posted by Virtual on 01/17/17 at 05:08 PM
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