Playing for you, Madam

Theory 1) The woman has passed out drunk and the musicians are her hallucination.
Theory 2) She's dead and the musicians are ghosts.
Theory 3) The musicians have broken into her apartment, drugged her, and are now performing a weird fetishistic ritual with her.
(via LP Cover Lover)

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Sep 30, 2008
     Category: Music

Judging by the way her feet are frantically kicking, as if she were trying to escape, I surmise that they have stapled her to the sofa and are into their third hour of playing polka music.
Posted by BikerPuppy on 09/30/08 at 11:45 AM
It has got ot be either theory 1 or 2. The keyboard is just floating in the air.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 09/30/08 at 12:43 PM
Theory 4) They have one fan. This is a sold-out concert.
Posted by Pablo on 10/01/08 at 09:15 PM
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