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Eminem. In Klingon.

Didja ever wonder about the architectural floorplan(s) of the house(s) of Fred and Wilma Flintsone? Rob and Laura Petrie? Space Family Robinson? Wonder no more.

Eyecandy (Flash)

Lovingly-crafted hoax: Baragami is the ancient Welsh decorative art of "toast arranging"

Sadly, NOT a hoax: HARC, the Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium

Semi-Oxymoronish: A Forum for Reclusive People

Toilet waterfall

A collection of bank robbery notes

The Maskatorium
     Posted By: Professor Music - Mon Nov 09, 2009

Under Construction Seems to be a useful place to d/load some gifs!

Eye Candy Like most candy, too much and you barf!

Toilet Wall Anything that takes that much effort, wastes that much time, and is that useless just has to be ART.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 11/09/09 at 01:24 PM
klingon- didn't know the geeks had a gang.

eye candy- tiedye meets kelidescope.

baragami- what no toasthenge?

toilets- yuck! you know they aren't all new toilets, gross.

masks- C R E E P Y !
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 11/09/09 at 07:11 PM
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