Real Horse That Looks Like Stuffed Toy

Here at WU Central, the proprietors believe in training up the next generation to be observant and appreciative of all things weird. Hence the photo you see here.

This image was taken by my tweener niece, Becky Fuller, at the farm my brother Frank and his wife Beverly own in Medford, Oregon. It depicts a curious beast Becky calls "the curly horse."

Becky is enrolled in 4-H, and they've plainly been conducting secret experiments to hybridize sheep and horses. How else to explain the odd woolly fur of this anomalous quadruped, its mullet-like mane, or the unnaturally symmetrical appearance of its brown "stockings"?

Be afraid--be very afraid!

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Aug 14, 2008
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That's probably a Bashkir - they have curly hair. You don't see them very often. In fact, I've never seen one ever. Lucky niece.
Posted by MadCarlotta on 08/14/08 at 02:53 PM
Yes Paul, call your brother and ask him why he doesn't groom his horse and why he keeps him outside all the time without even a blanket! 😝

It has the classic winter Bashkir curly coat and wavy mane and tail. It's owners refer to it as "the curly horse"

I don't think it's a neglected scruffy winter-worn equine.
Posted by MadCarlotta on 08/14/08 at 04:36 PM
MadCarlotta and Paul Thomas--thanks for the tip on the breed!

As for winter protection, the Rogue River Valley has exceedingly mild winters. Look at that green willow tree in the background!

But I'll be seeing my brother soon, and put the questions to him!
Posted by Paul on 08/14/08 at 06:28 PM
Kirk--I know this demon beast is not a cow, the prime bad guy at WEIRD UNIVERSE, but nonetheless....
Posted by Paul on 08/15/08 at 09:42 AM
Mindy--thanks for the further ID of the mystery horse!
Posted by Paul on 08/24/08 at 01:26 PM
what a neat looking horse! i wonder what the texture of the hair feels like. nice start for the next generation paul!
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/03/10 at 07:35 AM
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