Rita Pavone:  Datemi un Martello

     Posted By: Paul - Mon Mar 19, 2018
     Category: Music | Tools | 1960s | South America

Pop, pop, pop, pop music! Political protest songs sung in Italian? Does it actually have any meaning?
Posted by KDP on 03/20/18 at 10:07 AM
It's "If I had a Hammer," as should be obvious from the prop. Popularized by Trini Lopez and Peter, Paul, and Mary. Believe it or not, Martha and the Vandellas also had a version.
Posted by ges on 03/20/18 at 11:01 AM
I was being a little facetious, ges. I did recognize the melody. A protest song with translated lyrics doesn't seem to bring out the message of the song. I suppose it's a cultural thing, but I wonder what native Italian speakers got out of it?
Posted by KDP on 03/22/18 at 08:16 AM
"Datemi un Martello" literally does mean "Gimme a hammer", so it's hardly as if she tried to hide it. I can't really understand the rest of the lyrics, but I get the idea that they're not much different from the English version.
Posted by Richard Bos on 03/24/18 at 12:25 PM
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