Round the World with Nellie Bly

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Aug 10, 2021
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I was thinking of another meaning for "around the world."
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 08/10/21 at 11:08 AM
Nellie Bly was a fascinating woman. It’s also interesting that she’s pictured between two telephone (or telegraph?) poles.
Posted by Brian on 08/10/21 at 04:13 PM
Hey, I know this game! I have a book of old board games (which came with an inlay sheet with all the necessary pieces, so you could play them) and this was in it. Unfortunately, like so many of those games, it's nothing but a variation on the Game of Geese. Not novel or fascinating, and barely exciting, but playable once or twice.

Other games in it included:
Kilkenny Cats, a kind of chinese checkers;
The Lone Ranger, in which four players chase a bandit;
Base-ball, which is... a baseball simulation;
The Yale-Harvard game, which is... yup;
Bing Crosby's Call Me Lucky, a rather complicated game of covering numbers;
Department Store and Little Shoppers, both wanting you to buy things;
The Susceptibles, a draughts-style game based on seducing young ladies;
Hendrik Van Loon's Wide World Game and The United States Game, two games based on traveling different routes;
Eddie Cantor's Tell It To The Judge - no idea what a singer has to do with driving around trying to lose your passengers;
and as said, several varieties of the Game of Geese/Way of Life, and several of Parcheesi.

It's an interesting book.
Posted by Richard Bos on 08/14/21 at 05:22 AM
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