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Thursday, January 29, 2009

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As a rule, I don't like to mention stuff that's too widely reported. It looks now like the Cello Scrotum caper might be such a story. Nonetheless, I have another rule that requires me to report all news involving the search term SCROT*. Hence, a painful condition reported 35 yrs ago in the British Medical Journal, involving damage to the jewel area of male cellists, has just now been revealed as a hoax. (Bonus story: Seven people in Tsuruoka, Japan, were hospitalized after eating improperly prepared fugu [blowfish] balls.) BBC News /// Australian Associated Press via Herald Sun (Melbourne)
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More Things to Worry About

To attract Israeli voters' attention on issues other than security, two specialty political parties have merged into one for the coming elections: Holocaust survivors and marijuana legalizers. Agence France-Presse via Yahoo

Speaking of drugs, a United Nations official said that in the international banking-liquidity crisis late last year, thank goodness for one source of cash that didn't dry up, or else we really would have been screwed: drug money needing to be laundered. Reuters

Crystal Keith, charged with killing her 1-yr-old nephew, told a shrink that she just had to stop him because she could see in his eyes that he wanted her sexually. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Baron Moore, on trial now in Miami, Fla., for a 2001 murder, was linked to the crime after an item from the 28-yr-old victim's extensive collection of Scooby Doo memorabilia was found in Moore's house. Associated Press via Palm Beach Post

They tried to move a 60-ton house across a supposedly-frozen White Bear Lake in Minnesota, but you can guess how it turned out . . er, actually, no, they pulled it off flawlessly [see photos]. Star Tribune

Updates: (1) Larry Swearingen, scheduled to be executed in Texas on Tuesday [NOTW Daily, 1-26-2008], was given a stay, but by a federal court, of course, because Texas judges have said, We're done here. (2) Five of the "Beatrice 6" (who confessed, or pleaded guilty, to a murder DNA said they probably didn't commit [NOTW M091, 1-4-2009]) were exonerated and released. The sixth defendant, not so much. (3) The Hon. Marion Barry, who largely put the "Calamity" in the District of Calamity, and who is still on probation for not filing income tax returns for 1999-2004 (and who then immediately violated probation by not filing them for 2005), has now failed to file them for 2007. KOLN-TV (Lincoln, Neb.) [Beatrice] /// Washington Post [Barry]

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Your Daily Loser
A 17-yr-old boy in Latrobe, Pa., made the questionable decision, once he realized he couldn't extinguish that M-80 firecracker, of putting it between his legs to muffle the explosion (and now, of course, he's not all there). [Ed.: So far, though, it doesn't turn up under a SCROT* search.] Associated Press via Fox News
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
It sounds similar to a long-running NOTW story meme, but this is a different perp altogether. Richard Minch, 48, of the city of Wyoming, Mich., was charged with 60 counts of telephoning women and convincing them that he was going to hurt them unless they did some perverted things to themselves during the phone call. He was arrested in 1994 in a similar incident, but that time, cops found him in the act of the call, in a phone booth, making himself feel good. Green Bay Press-Gazette
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Your Daily Jury Duty
["In America, a person is presumed innocent until the mug shot is released"]
To perform your jury duty properly, you always want to try to ignore what the alleged crimes actually were (as irrelevant to the perps' guilt or innocence), but you especially want to look away this time. Ewww! Just focus on the mug shots of Richard Roach, Randall Blaylock, and Geffery Fuller. WTVC-TV (Chattanooga) [Mug shots must be clicked on separately]
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