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A conservative U.S. Senator's simple request
Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma intransigently votes No on any new program, regardless of popularity, which overlaps an existing program without regard to what the duplicative effects will be, i.e., Is there a problem with trying to figure out whether this program will actually help things? To almost all his colleagues, of course, "Yes" is what helps you get re-elected; "No" is a loser. The Senate this will week will try to pass a package of 80 new programs over Coburn's No, including, ah, a new facility to house the Smithsonian Institution's orchid collection and setting up a commission to develop a traveling exhibit on the War of 1812. Washington Post [Warning: link might have that obnoxious, irritating photo of that cleft-lip kid]
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Jul 28, 2008

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