Shorts-Pants Combo

The latest example of weird denim: these "Reworked Demi-Denims with Transparent Legs" from designer Ksenia Schnaider. Going for $395.

I'm not even entirely sure what's going on with these things. It's like an attempt to combine shorts and pants into one garment. Shorts from the front, and pants from the back. But why?

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Feb 23, 2019
     Category: Fashion | Denim

For $395 one purchases denim and plastic. The lady looks as if she is daring you to risk offending her delicate sensibilities by commenting on the additional socks and sandals. Her facial expression is a clear indicator she was not being paid enough to endure the ridicule she will no doubt experience from her fashion conscious circles.

agent j
Posted by agent j on 02/23/19 at 08:35 AM
I think it's fake fashion. Notice how her hair is different in the different views. Someone has done a cut-and-paste number on us.
Posted by Virtual on 02/23/19 at 11:36 AM
That girl looks hangry. Somebody get her a burger from Hardees.
Posted by FRANK on 02/26/19 at 10:00 AM
I checked the calendar and i don’t believe it’s April 1...
Posted by Brian on 02/28/19 at 08:50 PM
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