Space Age Bridal Creation

March 1962: Arlette Dobson and John Richard took a stroll along London's Park Lane while modeling a "space age bridal outfit."

I'd like to see a wedding with the bride and groom wearing these outfits, and the bridesmaids in Gianangelli's lunar bathing suits.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Mar 10, 1962

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Dec 06, 2016
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I'm more amused by the fact that the groom is wearing platform boots in order to appear taller than the bride. Those look to be what, five inches in height?
Posted by KDP on 12/06/16 at 08:05 AM
They should have had 5-foot-long sputnik antennae coming from the groom's helmet, too. Then he would have looked just fine.
Posted by Virtual on 12/06/16 at 01:24 PM
She needs a glass globe helmet a la George Jestson

And I like the Kiss boots.
Posted by Courtney on 12/06/16 at 08:02 PM
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