The Standard Toilet

Created to discourage employees from sitting on the toilet too long. As explained in

the StandardToilet sits at a downward angle of 13 degrees. After around five minutes of sitting, this will cause strain on the legs, similar to a low level squat thrust, but “not enough to cause health issues,” reassures Mahabir Gill, founder of StandardToilet. “Anything higher than that would cause wider problems. Thirteen degrees is not too inconvenient, but you’d soon want to get off the seat quite quickly.”

It was inspired by a series of annoyances. As a consulting engineer for 40 years, Gill sometimes discover workers asleep on the toilet, and in his free time, was increasingly annoyed by queues for public toilets. The final straw came while he was shopping in a department store the morning after a particularly heavy night out, and in desperate need for a toilet, could only find locked cubicles. Thus, the idea for the StandardToilet was born.

I can imagine this would do wonders for employee morale.

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     Posted By: Alex - Wed Dec 18, 2019
     Category: Bathrooms

My first thought is, why manufacture an entire toilet fixture with this 13° pitch, when the same result could be accomplished by just making the toilet seat a bit thicker at the back?
Posted by Fritz on 12/18/19 at 08:26 AM
Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember a story about an upper level manager who had the front legs of the facing chair in his office cut down by an inch or so in order to make the interviewee vaguely uncomfortable. Too bad that I can't remember more specifics because I found it really funny.
Posted by KDP on 12/18/19 at 10:33 AM
KDP—Sounds like one of the many things Hyman Rickover was alleged to have done. He was famous for putting potential Navy Nukes into uncomfortable situations to see how they would react.

Posted by crc on 12/19/19 at 05:08 AM
I see a market for wedges that hook inside of the toilet bowl in the future.
Also, never take toilet advice from a guy who sees exhausted engineers and too few toilet stalls and thinks slanted toilets.
Posted by Yudith on 12/19/19 at 06:14 AM
Patent Pending: for max efficiency, added arms that gently but firmly squeeze the torso of the person seated in a regular, pulsating tempo.
Posted by Perry Stalsis on 12/19/19 at 06:08 PM
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