Stars ‘n Stripes Girdle

Introduced in 1965 by the Treo Company, and promptly withdrawn from the market on account of complaints by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

In a letter to the Treo Company, Inc., a ranking DAR official called the girdle... a "shocking caricature" of the American flag.
"Patriotism should be encouraged by proper respect to the Stars and Stripes, the symbol of this great country and the many opportunities enjoyed here," Mrs. W. Carl Crittenden, national chairman of the DAR's Flag of the United States of America Committee, wrote.
"I believe that all patriotic citizens will agree with me that it is deplorable to downgrade our flag in this fashion."

Allentown Morning Call - Aug 26, 1965

Hazleton Standard-Speaker - Aug 27, 1965

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I wonder how DAR felt about Apollo Creed's shorts.
Posted by Floormaster on 01/19/18 at 10:37 AM
They were probably disappointed that the girdle wouldn't make them look exactly like the model.
Posted by KDP on 01/19/18 at 12:57 PM
From back in the day when men were men and women wore girdles.
Posted by ges on 01/19/18 at 02:18 PM
Introduced at the precise moment when girdles went out of fashion...
Posted by Brian on 01/22/18 at 03:15 PM
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