Stockpiling toilet paper - 1993

July 1993: A pro-timber group urged consumers to stockpile toilet paper in order to deplete store supplies and thereby raise awareness of the importance of wood and paper products. "You can help by buying one or two (or twenty!) cases of toilet paper," its newsletter declared.

Little did they know that, 27 years later, a pandemic would transform America into a nation of toilet paper stockpilers!

Longview Daily News - July 15, 1993

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Jan 11, 2021
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Nothing new here. When the first snowflake hit the ground in Pittsburgh the shelves of paper were emptied and you wouldn't see any replacement for two weeks.

Presently, I've noticed that the shelves of surface disinfectant / cleaners, like Formula 409 and Lysol, are empty and have been for months.
Posted by KDP on 01/11/21 at 10:59 AM
Well before then, there was a T.P. shortage that was started as a joke on the Johnny Carson Show. I remember looking at the empty shelf in the store thinking, "What the hell happened here?".
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 01/11/21 at 11:11 AM
Most people don't realize that the machines which produce paper products like that are multi-million dollar lines that always have to run 24/7. A new line simply can't be set up in the time that a shortage usually lasts. There isn't a lot of excess capacity in the system because of the initial expense and because shutting down a line for any reason means a long delay 'rethreading' it (for lack of a better term). We're seeing a slow return to normal now only because the hoarders who emptied the shelves nearly a year ago aren't currently buying at normal levels.
Posted by Phideaux on 01/11/21 at 07:28 PM
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