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That's Messed Up: SWAT team raided the wrong house, riddled the place with bullets, is now formally cited for "bravery" and "professionalism" during that very raid
The theory is, apparently, that it takes above-and-beyond ability and character to tear the wrong place apart if the innocent, underwear-soiling homeowner starts firing back at you. Without that professionalism, this episode "could have gone horribly wrong," said the Minneapolis police chief, failing to understand that this episode did go horribly wrong. The innocent Mr. Vang Khang became, once again, livid. WCCO-TV (Minneapolis)
     Posted By: Chuck - Thu Jul 31, 2008

I agree that the SWAT team wasn't at fault but.... how many rounds did they fire and NOT hit their target??? Glad that they didn't but still...

Oh, yea, medal for being used as a target not hitting the target.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/01/08 at 01:21 AM
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