Symphony of Factory Sirens

I'm sure Khrushchev would have approved of this music, even if he didn't like it. I made it about two minutes in before I bailed.

Info from 120 Years of Electronic Music:

The Russian avant-garde composer and theorist, Arseny Mikhailovich Avraamov is probably best known for his "Simfoniya Gudkov" or "Symphony of Sirens" (November 7, 1922, Baku, USSR – an epic production which involved a score that coordinated navy ship sirens and whistles, bus and car horns, factory sirens, cannons, the foghorns of the entire Soviet flotilla of the Caspian Sea, artillery guns, machine guns, seaplanes, a specially designed "whistle main," and renderings of Internationale and Marseillaise by a mass band and choir.)

More info from Sirens by Michael Bull:

Arseny Avraamov... in 1922 performed his 'Symphony of Factory Sirens' in Baku in order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the October Revolution in Russia. The symphony, not recorded, used a wide variety of sirens together with a renditioning of the International and Marseillaise sung by choirs and the public. Avramov rejected any distinction between performers and listeners, expecting everybody to play a part either singing or in making other industrial noises. . .

Avraamov himself pursued a self-conscious course of social and economic liberation, which he perceived embodied all Russians since the October Revolution, in this ideology sirens were seen as an ideal replacement for church bells in the Russia of the 1920s as church bells were seen as bourgeois as against the industrial and proletarian sound of sirens.
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Would be good on a program along with Antheil's Ballet for Machines, which has two pianos, sixteen player pianos, four brass drums, three xylophones, a tam-tam, seven electric bells, a siren, and three airplane propellers.

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The Ballet for Machines is described here:
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