Tanya Tagaq

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Feb 01, 2015
     Category: Music | Avant Garde | Native Americans

Mislabled that one, Paul. Whatever it is it ain't "music".
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/01/15 at 10:21 AM
Throat singing!!!! :lol: :coolsmile:
Posted by Tyrusguy on 02/01/15 at 11:53 AM
The love child of Yoko Ono and a Cape Buffalo in the throes of orgasm?
Posted by puptentacle on 02/01/15 at 03:52 PM
I do believe you have captured the essence of this sound, puptentacle!
Posted by Paul on 02/01/15 at 03:55 PM
Demonic posession?
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/01/15 at 09:18 PM
It's music ? to my rears :coolgrin:
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 02/01/15 at 09:55 PM
Did you notice one of her record labels was Ipecac Recordings. Makes sense. Listening to the video, it did make me want to throw up.
Posted by Gary Foster on 02/02/15 at 09:53 AM
Her boobs kept staring at my eyes.
Posted by KDP on 02/02/15 at 09:55 AM
I emailed this to myself from work yesterday and I listened to this as soon as I got home, and yeah I was admittedly hoping for some cool but twisted Avant Gard kind of thing. I mean, she is wearing that sexy low cut top and I was hoping for something completely different. Throat singing? And she won a $30,000 prize for this “aboriginal” music? SPOILER ALERT: I listened in strained disbelief for about 15-20 seconds, absolutely horrified, because it did sound something like a walrus with emphysema trying to mate with a six year old girl with down syndrome; I had to turn it off immediately in complete and utter shame. Maybe they paid her $30,000 so she would never do this again. I hope so. It would make a lot of walruses feel much better.
Posted by Jeremy M Brown on 02/04/15 at 12:40 PM
On this one, I totally disagree.
She is putting ROCK 'n' ROLL into a dying language, traditions, and legends.

```And Just For BD:
Just think of the throught muscles it takes.
Posted by BMN on 02/04/15 at 05:03 PM
@ Alex or Paul.
I had a wink smiley at the end and the post was --> <-- until I removed the SMILEY? 😊
Posted by BMN on 02/04/15 at 05:10 PM
Yup; this one got through???
Posted by BMN on 02/04/15 at 05:12 PM
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