That’s One Way To Do It

With just a little ingenuity and knowledge about the kids it is still possible to keep order in the classroom. One well read math teacher in France came up with a real gem that seems to be working for him. Having read all the books in the series he informed the class that he would post 'Game of Thrones' spoilers if order was not maintained. Afterwards there was what one student described as a "religious silence". Well done sir, well done!
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Mar 26, 2014
     Category: Education

Ah... people REALLY don't know that there are books? You know, the written word?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 03/26/14 at 09:59 AM
Kids Today! :lol: :coolsmile:
Posted by Tyrusguy on 03/26/14 at 10:56 AM
WHAAAAA !!! :ahhh: No Candy Crush Level Spoilers too ? .. idiot
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 03/26/14 at 05:58 PM
70 students? College class?
Posted by RobK on 03/27/14 at 11:55 AM
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