The Case of the Missing Parliamentary Comics

Just a few days ago, Alex made a post involving the infamous Fredric Wertham. As an inveterate comics reader from way back, I long knew of Wertham's crusade to ban comics. But I did not realize that the UK had undergone the same crusade.

Apparently, the offending material proved to be too attractive to remain on exhibit.

Source: The Charlotte Observer (Charlotte, North Carolina) 22 Apr 1955, Fri Page 1

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For an overview of the moral panic in Britain, see Martin Barker, A Haunt of Fears: The Strange History of the British Horror Comics Campaign (Pluto Press, 1984).

Also worth checking out is the 1952 British pamphlet , "The Lure of the Comics," at;=&b=i
Posted by Brian Chapman on 05/02/22 at 10:53 AM
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